Artist of the Month Class

Artist of the Month Class


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  • 4 week classes: $68 reg, $49 early bird special. 

Kids will create amazing art & be inspired by some of the most wonderful, amazing and fascinating artists in history.

Class runs for 1 hour weekly for 4 weeks. Suitable for ages 6-10. Price includes all materials! 

Sign up for 1 x 4 week session or register for all months - whatever works for you!

  • Please note we cannot hold spaces without payment. 
  • Please note being in the class one month does not hold your space for the next month. 
  • No make up classes, refunds or credits.
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Jackson Pollock was an abstract expressionist so he expressed his feelings in an abstract way.



Do you like bright colours, fun shapes, and animals? Then you will love learning about Alexander Calder, an artist famous for his moving sculptures and drawings of the circus! In this 4 week session, you will create your own Calder-inspired art as you learn to sculpt like a master, and paint with bright acrylic paints.



"Pictures just come to my mind and I tell my heart to go ahead."
-Horace Pippin

Learn about the history and art of the famous African-American artist, Horace Pippin. In this 5 week Artist Focus Session, you will learn drawing, painting, and collage techniques to help you create artwork inspired by your memories–just like Pippin did!






4 Things 25Cats loves about Faith:

  1. She invented 'story quilts', a whole new art form. Story quilts combine quilting, African textile art and comic-like storytelling.

  2. Best known for her story quilts and children's books, Ringgold also shocked the art world with Picasso-influenced paintings!

  3. Her personal motto – and inspiration for many artworks – is “Anyone can fly!”
  4. A lifelong educator, she spent most of her teaching career at New York public schools.

4 Things 25Cats loves about Leonardo:

  1. Da Vinci made flying machines.
  2. He learned how to swim by watching frogs.
  3. He was an awesome and amazing inventor
  4. He painted the most famous painting in the entire world, the Mona Lisa

4 Things 25Cats loves about Jasper:

  1. The idea for the painting that made him famous, “Flag,” appeared to him in a dream. He began working on it as soon as he awoke!
  2. He's known for his encaustic (beeswax) paintings, but he also created many 3D artworks: mixed media sculptures, bronze casts and theatre set designs.
  3. Jasper Johns was influenced by legendary artist Marcel Duchamp, and became close friends with him after meeting him in real life.
  4. A very private person, Johns avoids interviews and media appearances. Only in the last decade has he agreed to press appearances, mostly to correct their mistakes about his art!

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